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Gateway to BETTER basketball!


Grades: 5 to 12 
Boys & Girls: 10 to 18 Years Old



At CCH, we are committed to each individual player (boys & girls) and your drive to excel in basketball. Each player is carefully evaluated by the coaching staff and management through ball handling drills, full court drills, shooting, passing, defense, condition & agility, and finishes at the rim. Post evaluation, players are grouped in skill specific training sessions. Each group features players in the same age brackets with the same or similar skill level: Starter (beginner), intermediate or advanced. ​These weekly sessions are intensive and each group consist of 5 to 8 players maximum with each session running for 1 hour. Players will also be placed in teams based on their age and skill level. Each team will have one game per week. Our player groups are: 

  • 11 to 14 Years Old (*separate boys & girls group)

  • 15 to 18 Years Old (*separate boys & girls group)

Skills Required:

Starter (beginner) to Intermediate Training Options: 

  • 8 Weeks / 8 Sessions - $210 per player (*includes jerseys)

Intermediate to Elite / Advance Training Options:

  • 8 Weeks / 8 Sessions & Games (1X per week) - $210 per player (*includes jerseys & bag)

  • 8 Weeks / 16 Sessions & Games (2X per week) - $365  per player (includes jersey & bag)

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