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Rookie (Pre-Beginner) Level - Introductory level for players with little to no experience. Players learn the technical aspects of the games (defense, dribbling, footwork and shooting).


Starter (Beginner) Level - Players with below average to average technical skills (defense, dribbling, footwork and shooting). Players are able to make 1 change of direction dribble move with accuracy and able to finish layup, with good technique, with your dominant hand.  

Intermediate Level - Players possess average technical skills and have some knowledge of the game, and positions. You are able to make 2 or more combination moves as well as 2 change of direction moves with or without defense with precision. Players are able to finish/score regular layups with proper technique, and with their dominant hand. Players must also be able to finish/score layups with average skills, and with their non-dominant hand. Players must also maintain average footwork while going through drills and in-game scenarios.

Advance / Elite Level - This level is related to experience players who maintain above average skills level in defense, dribbling, footwork, rebounding and shooting. These are also players who acquired and effectively use the right techniques and understanding of the game while going through drills with clear accuracy. They are able to perform multiple (3 or more) combination dribble moves and change of direction with or without defense at game-speed. These are also competitive players who are able to finish/score layups with dominant hand with accuracy and above average with non-dominant hand.



Grades: 4 to College/University 

Boys & Girls: 9 to 23 Years Old

This program is designed on an individual basis with individual player's goal in mind. We take the time to evaluate the player and then discuss his/her goals to achieve from this program and then work on to improve your weaknesses and strengthen your overall skills. This is a 1:1 player-to-coach ration and provides detailed coaching and immediate feedback to the player. Each Session is once or twice per week, depending on availability. Each session is 1 hours with *NO GAME TIME! 

Skills Required: ALL SKILLS LEVEL

  • 1 (Single) Session - $100+tax

  • 3 Pack Sessions - $270+tax

  • 5 Pack Sessions - $450+tax


Grades: 4 to College/ University 

Boys & Girls: 9 to 23 Years Old


Shooting is one of the most essential skills in basketball. It separates a player from his/her teammates and it can determine your playing time. This program is formed in small groups and repetition is the key difference. Players are carefully evaluated on their all-around shooting skills and their understanding (IQ) of the game. Wherever your weakness is, we relentlessly work with you to make adjustments and improve on them. Scoring in basketball is a combination of skills and tactics. One must grasp these qualities in order to excel, and one cannot excel unless you give the time and efforts to work on your game! These clinics are one hour sessions with a maximum of 8 players per session and requires maximum game-speed intensity during all drills.

Age Groups:

  • 9 to 12 years old (*separate boys & girls group)

  • 13 to 17 years old (*separate boys & girls group)

  • 18 to 23 years old (*separate boys & girls group)

Skills Required:

  • Intermediate to Advance



Grades: 5 to 12 

Boys & Girls: 10 to 18 Years Old

At CCH, we are committed to each individual player (boys & girls) and your drive to excel in basketball. Each player is carefully evaluated by the coaching staff and management through stationary ball handling drills, full court drills, shooting, passing, defense, condition & agility, and finishes at the rim.  Post evaluation, players are grouped in skill specific training sessions. Each group features players in the same age brackets with the same or similar skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced, ​These weekly sessions are intensive and each group consist of 5 to 8 players maximum with each session running for 1 hour. Our player groups are: 

  • 10 to 12 years old (*separate boys & girls group)

  • 13 to 15 years old (*separate boys & girls group)

  • 16 to 18 years old (*separate boys & girls group)

Skills Required:

  • Starter to Advance / Elite

Monthly Training Options:

  • 8 Weeks / 8 Sessions - (1X practice per week)

  • 8 Weeks / 16 Sessions (2X practices per week) - ***These sessions are for committed players whose primary sport is basketball. They are players with goals and ambitions to excel in the game basketball at a higher (competitive) level (High School, College/University and Pros).  These are also players who take the time and effort to practice their game at every opportunity. 


Grades: 2 to College / University 

Boys & Girls: 7 to 23 Years Old

Tournament gives players the opportunity to demonstrate their talent as well those new skills that they've acquired. These games allows players to improve by playing against new or better competitions, dealing with adversity and getting noticed by other players and coaches (local and/or international). Playing against the same players and school teams every year can limit a player's progress and talent. Playing against better competition or the best will force you to adapt to the environment and talent pool. Our tournaments allow players to see new sceneries and experience new teams, areas and countries. Players will have open tryouts and invitational tryouts in order to be selected for the tournament teams!

Age Groups:

  • Grade 5 to 7 or 10 to 12 years old (*separate boys & girls division)

  • Grade 8 to 12 or 13 to 17 years old (*separate boys & girls division)


  • North Side: Thursday evenings (6:00pm to 8:00pm - game time varies)

  • South Side: Tuesday evenings (6:00pm to 8:00pm - game time varies)

Skills Required:

  • Starter to Advance / Elite

Screenshot (166).png


Grades: 2 to 12 

Boys & Girls: 7 to 18 Years Old

Our camps are designed for for all types of players and skill levels. We challenges players to get out of their comfort zones and develop greater confidence and skills ability. With our challenging drills, players are able to develop consistent shooting while improving on their ability to create plays individually & for teammates. Players will develop proper shooting skills in all positions (point guard to center), proper footwork and adopt the ability to defend the perimeter and inside shooting. Drill will include shooting, catch & shoot, dribble pull-ups, drive & dish out, inside shooting (in the paint), outside shooting, off- screen shooting, flare shooting, post scoring/moves(drop steps, power moves, positioning, jump hooks, mikan, up & under), rebounding techniques and more. Players will also learn how to get open with minimal effort and properly feed the post. All camps include strength & conditioning, speed & agility workout and competitive games. On the last day of camp, teams are formed and a 3X3 tournament games take place.

Skills Required:

  • Starter to Advance / Elite 

Training & Conditioning 

Grades: 7 to College / University

Boys & Girls: 12 to 23 Years Old

This program is one of the corner stones of a player's journey of becoming an overall standout basketball player. Physical training and conditioning is as important as scoring baskets or stopping the offense from scoring baskets. A player's conditioning will determine his/her ability to effectively run up and down the basketball court and making the proper plays. This aspect of the game is to put your team first before yourself. This program amplifies a player's confidence on and off the courts, especially when attacking the hoop or making a move with contact. Every players from Starter to Advance skill level will participate in agility workouts, but only those player from 12 to 23 years old will be allowed to participate in the physical training (weight lifting) portion of this program.

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