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Gateway to BETTER basketball!


Grades: 4 to College / University
Boys & Girls: 9 to 23 Years Old

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Shooting is one of the most essential skills in basketball. It separates a player from the rest of his/her teammates and it can determine a player's game time. This program is in small groups and repetition is the key difference. Players are carefully evaluated on their all-around shooting skills and their understanding (IQ) of the game. Wherever your weakness is, we will relentlessly work with you to make adjustments and improve on them. Scoring in basketball is a combination of skills and tactics. One must master these qualities in order to excel, and one cannot excel unless you give the time and efforts to work on your game! This hourly session accommodate between 5 to 8 players maximum and it's first come, first serve basis. Sessions are held on weekday evening between 6pm to 8pm for once or twice per week depending on prayer's need and availability. 

Skills Required:

Intermediate to Advanced 

  • 3 Pack Sessions - $65 per player 

  • 5 Pack Sessions - $283 per player

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